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Ship to worldwide


We guarantee that all our item are brand new, never used and that we inspect all our products before we send them to our customers.

If you are not satisfied with the item you bought for any reason, please contact us within 10 days for a full refund without shipping charges and paypal or T/T charges after you receive the item, we will response within 24 hours.

The merchandise must be in NEW and unused condition and in its ORIGINAL packaging. Mounting and running fuel through a model engine, mounting and installing a gyro on the helicopter, installing radio parts in a model, starting assembly of kits, installing software or discarding the packing material are some examples of what constitutes used merchandise.


We only accept Paypal (<US$200) and Bank T/T wire transfer (>US$200).
Paypal A/C:

Please instruct your banker to transfer the USD funds (by T/T) as follows:

Correspondent : China Merchants Bank,New York (CHIPS ABA:1455 or SWIFT CODE: CMBCUS33XXX)
Beneficiary's Bank : China Merchants Bank,H. O. Shenzhen (SWIFT CODE: CMBCCNBSXXX)
Beneficiary's A/C no.: 0023-29341072
Beneficiary: Xiong De Lan

Bank Web :
Bank Addr: No.118, Zourong Road, Linjiang men, Yuzhong Qu, ChongQing, China.


Time Theme : 7-15 working days to worldwide

Ship direct from China

Ship by Int.EMS , DHL or TNT

Buyer pays for all shipping costs

Will ship to worldwide

Item will be shipped out within 7 working days after your payment.

Please e-mail us if you cannot receive the item 15 days after you payment and we will investigate it

We have a post tracking number for you to check the package.

Important ! Shipping Rates are live, and we trying to adjust them as properly as possible.
Don't worry if the shipping is not correct, we will doublecheck against our tables and adjust it. Don't payment your order when we not confirm your order.

Even if the payment was processed, we will Refund the difference if needed, we will notify for any change in shipping charges, We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we working around the clock to fix and make it accurate.

Shipping calculated per Weight, and possibility to use different Courriers.

Welcome to contact us with any questions about our product or service.



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